Here are Monday’s new pages.

More action!

Next Monday I’ll try to post the animated version of this scene from years ago. It’s pretty much completely different with the exception of 3 lizards fighting a cat in a robot suit in a giant pipe. Well, I take that back. There are some scenes that I’ve lifted from the animation that are almost identical but lots of little things have changed since the animated version.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I usually make the mistake of going on vacation and getting more worn out than when I’m at work. haha. I spent 15 hours driving to Oregon to stay for two days and then drove 15 hours back. I’m exhausted now. But the time with family was well worth it. I just wish it could be longer.

I made thumbnails for 4 extra pages that I decided to add to the book. I don’t know what I’m thinking this late in the game but it really adds to the story so I feel it’s needed. I’ll post some of the thumbnails later on sometime.

Although I’d love to be a better blogger and keep my Thursday update schedule, I just don’t have the hours in the day to do it all right now. I have plenty of stuff half way written in a notebook but it’s going to have to wait until the new year to start going live. Once Chapter 3 is all online, I’ll start posting tutorials and articles again. If you need a good webcomic article to read then check this one out by Travis Hanson called Talking Shop: Webcomics. He has some great points about what it takes to make a webcomic or online graphic novel.

Rawls send me this picture of a character named “Ebel” by Jesus Selvera. Check it out! He said it reminded him of reMIND and I agree. I wish I could do my character designs as strong as this. Talk about amazing! Maybe I should contact Jesus about doing a sweet sculpture of Victuals as the Lizard Man…

Once again, I’m closing my t-shirt sales on December 10th so if you want to buy a shirt online then you’ll need to place an order before then. I’ll be selling the rest of the shirts at conventions next year incase you miss the deadline.

Thank you to everyone who has made a purchase already! Your support for reMIND is overwhelming! You guys rock! See you next week.