Happy Monday! Here are the new pages.

So, I know you must be wondering why I chose to make three full pages with the same camera angle. Was I being lazy? Was I inspired? To tell you the truth, I’ve always enjoyed coming across scenes in a comic similar to this where you can just absorb the characters acting a bit more than normal. When I started this scene I though it would be easier to do than the other pages, but I soon found out that I was mistaken. It’s way harder to draw your characters over and over in the same scene from the same angle going through a series of emotions without making them look like they are morphing into obscurity. It’s easy to draw a character from one angle once because you have nothing to compare it to. But here, every frame can be compared to the surrounding frames so you have to get ’em right.

I’m not sure what Sonja and Lizzlie are thinking when they look at each other but that’s why I love it. I have my opinion, but I’m not gonna share it because for me, having these kinds of moments really allows the reader to put their spin on things. It may not be storytelling 101 but I’m not trying to be normal here.

Which brings me to another subject. I’ve been told that my story or character names are too weird. At times it bothers me that I can’t please everyone but I have to keep reminding myself that this is my story and this is what I wanted it to be. Not everyone is going to agree with me or understand my ideas. I’m sure some people will hate it when it’s all said and done and that’s okay too. Some people don’t like strange things that force your imagination to bridge the gaps to make sense of it all, but I do. I love experiencing unique worlds where you can never tell what’s going to happen next because it’s unrestricted by our laws or physics. Isn’t that what sci-fi and fantasy is all about?

One of the most rewarding parts about making your own graphic novel is the ability to make a story unaffected by studio opinions, market statistics or investor money. I didn’t start this to write the same old story I’ve seen a million times or because talking cats are the popular thing right now, or  even because my boss told me to. I’m making reMIND because I love it. This is what I wish I could find whenever I go to a comic book convention.

Oh yeah, next week is a biggie! We finally get to see what Sonja was hiding in her workshop. Plus, this Thursday will be Part 3 of my How To Color a Graphic Novel series.


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