Last week I commented about how cool Der-shing was for linking to reMIND from his cool comic, The Meek. Someone was kind enough to point out that Der-shing is a ‘she’, not a ‘he’. Wow, Sorry ’bout that Dar-shing. I’m totally embarrassed.

Another reader pointed out that some of my RSS feeds have been going out to the feed readers before the publish date, like Trent’s interview for example. Looks like it was showing up on Google’s Reader almost 5 days ahead of time, unfinished too. What’s up with that Google? Has anyone else been getting half written posts? I can’t imagine the pain it must have caused to read my hack job without an ending.

Can we talk about something that isn’t embarrassing to me now? I’m going to need a comfortable leather couch if we continue this pattern.

Anyway, here’s the new pages.

Okay, I want to warn you now, we are getting to pages that haven’t had as much special attention to the dialogue. You see, I just sent off all the pages of the first 3 chapters to my editor/writer friend, Jeremy Barlow. He’s been an editor at Dark Horse for years and written quite a few of the Star Wars comics too. I was planning on getting all this to him earlier, but I got caught up in the art and kept pushing it to the side. Jeremy is going to be adding his golden touch to the project to help bring my writing up a notch. I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to update the pages to the new improved editing, in fact, I might just save that for the print edition, but none the less, just know that everything you are reading could dramatically change. It will be the same story obviously, just written better once Jeremy blesses it with his magical writing powers.

One of the things I’ve been toying with is the way I should spell Victuals’ name. I used to call him Vittles which is easier to read but I changed it to Victuals fearing Purina would launch a full scale attack on my no-name comic, obliterating any signs of life. I’m still not sure if it would really matter, but I figured I’d play the safer bet and use Victuals even though it’s harder to read. By the way, it is still pronounced “Vittles”.

I’ve been told by some that they LOVE the name. One person even wants to name their next cat Victuals. However, I’ve heard a fair share of negative opinions as well. I figure I still have time to make a final decision before the printing press, in which case it’s final. I started a poll on the left hand side to see what, you, the readers think.  I’d love to get your opinion if you have a second. I’m not saying this will be the deciding factor, but it very well might sway my opinion.

Many of you might have heard me talk about how much I love Axe Cop, a webcomic drawn by a 29 year old and written by his 6 year old brother. Well, I’m happy to announce that this week you will be able to see an Axe Cop guest post by yours truly. Yep, I drew an Axe Cop comic and it was SUPER FUN! Looks like it went live today. I warn you though, it’s nothing like reMIND. Here is the question and a direct link.

Thanks for all your votes last week. We shot up to the top 50 now and have been hovering between 46 and 48. Because of this, people are starting to find reMIND without spending on advertising. The higher I can get on that list, the more free advertising I’ll be getting so please keep voting, it’s working! I’ll keep showing an example from the next weeks page every week as an incentive.

Also, I just added a reMIND wallpaper on the links page HERE if anyone wants to proudly display Victuals in all his glory to their coworkers.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to get the second installment of How I Color reMIND for Thursday. See you then.


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