What a week! I went to the doctor to check a simple pain in my stomach and he sent me straight to the emergency room! Needless to say, I’m fine. I had a CT scan and nothing showed up so they sent me home. What’s worse, I kept wondering if I was going to be able to update this blog in time if I had to have some sort of surgery. What a lame thing to worry about while in the ER.

And now for the biggest news in a long time…

reMIND Won $5000 From the Xeric Foundation!

Many of you are new to this blog so I need to recap a bit. I submitted reMIND to the Xeric Foundation a few months back. It’s a non-profit organization that grants money to self-publishers like myself. It was a massive amount of paperwork to put together explaining why I deserve the money as well as financial statements, resume, cover letter, and 6 copies of everything I have so far. I asked for $5000 to help cover part of the printing cost which is going to be around $7500 to $10,000.

Well, I just got a letter of congratulations Friday! It’s pretty exciting and motivating to be granted money after all the years of hard work I’ve put into this project. Better yet, now I have a solid deadline. You see, they need to have 6 copies of my book in one year or they take back the money. That’s not going to be a problem though, assuming I steer clear of the emergency room.


Last week my wife felt sorry for me and started proofreading my posts and pages before they went live. The idea that thousands of people might be making fun of her husband’s 4th grade spelling might have been a motivator. I don’t like bothering her with it but she firmly insists. She may not be a professional editor but she sure is smarter than I when it comes to this stuff. Of course this doesn’t mean my last minute changes at midnight will be blessed with her critiques after a long day chasing the kid around the house, unless pulling her out of bed is an option.

The Meek

Last week, Der-shing Helmer, the creator of the popular online comic, The Meek, wrote a little blurb about reMIND on her website releasing another throng of comic lovers to shower me with so much attention it would make a rock star blush. This is one of the few webcomics out there in which the art is really amazing and professional looking in every way. Check it out when you get a second. It has some nudity, just so you’re warned. Here’s a link:

I really enjoy hearing from all the new followers! Thanks again Der-shing! I owe you big time.

T-Shirt Update

I have 1 medium shirt and 1 large left in stock. Read last Mondays post if you want one.


Last week I bought one of the coolest sketchbooks I’ve seen in a long time. It’s hard to find AND out of print already. A third printing is in the works really soon so if you like sketchbooks then keep your eyes open for this one. Nicolas Marlet, the character designer behind Kung Fu PandaHow to Train Your Dragon and a plethora of other things decided to scan his personal sketchbook just in case he looses it so he could have a back up copy. A friend told him he should print a book from his scans so he gave it a shot. Two weeks later it was sold out. So he printed a second printing and… two weeks later it was sold out again.

He signed my copy with an awesome doodle from How to Train Your Dragon. For the record, I forced him to sign my Art of Kung Fu Panda book too.

See more images from the book at GalleryNucleus.


Coloring reMIND Tutorials

My biggest request via email is to explain my coloring process. I’m happy to announce that I’ve been working on a big fat series all about how I achieve the look of reMIND. I’ve already added the titles to my Making Graphic Novels section so you can see what’s in the works. The series will be accompanied by videos and screenshots so hopefully all questions can be answered and visually explained.

I’ve been told that I shouldn’t give away all the tools in my tool bag, that people need to pay for this stuff. Here’s the deal, I never went to school for this. I learned by imitation of my favorite artists and now I get to learn from some of the most talented artists in the world that I work with. I was broke most of my life, so paying lots of money to learn artistic tricks was never an option for me. I was forced to work with free or really cheap information and I know how frustrating it is to live in the middle of nowhere trying to find a mentor to learn from when you’re just starting out. The idea that knowledge or talent comes from money is really annoying to me and I plan on slapping it in the face every time it rears it’s ugly head. What I really hate is when someone has a Masters Degree in art and has a bitter chip on their shoulder as if the world owes them something when they can’t find a job.

Wow… Sorry about venting like that. As you can see, I have a lot of pent up opinions that are finally able to surface now that I’m writing a blog. Anyway, the first (and very basic) tutorial will start this Wednesday. Thursday is an interview with Trent Kaniuga.

Thanks for Your Votes!

Finally, thanks for all the new votes at TopWebComics. Because of all of you, reMIND moved from around 120 last week to around 52 on the list. Let’s see if we can get into the 40’s now.

The vote incentive for this week is another frame from next weeks pages. Vote here to see it: