Here are pages 52 and 53 of reMIND. Click to enlarge. Right-click to open full size in a new window.

This was a fun spread not only to show off the crazy ideas in my head but also because it has a interesting composition. I really wanted to push the way the panels were laid out in an open book. If you divide the two pages exactly in half you will notice that the fold is going to be cutting through the large left image. I’m not sure if this is done a lot in comics or graphic novels but I’ve been consciously doing it every now and then in reMIND just to make an interesting looking book. There’s also something about all that empty space in the bottom of the last frame that really makes me happy.  I wish I could give a more in depth analysis of these pages but its Mother’s Day (the day I wrote this) and my wife needs more attention then this blog so I gotta get to the point and cut this short.

I’ve got some cool tutorials in the works on how I color this graphic novel. I’ll have more info soon once I get it all together but from the looks of it, it will be a 7 week set of tutorials to cover the whole process.

T-Shirts and Post Cards

The T-shirts are in and looking sweet. Here are some pics of my personal collection after they were washed. The second picture is the back which says “reMIND a graphic novel”.

One thing I realized while printing up this first batch is how much I don’t know about T-shirt sizes. For instance, I only printed a few sizes in XL and this is about the second most popular size request. That’s what I get for assuming everyone is a weak little wimp like me. From now on the shirts will go for the fairly standard price of $15 plus shipping($4.00 for US residence). So the new total is $19 for a shirt. No more gorilla packs for $10. Sorry. That was just a pre-order deal but I might offer something like that again for the next shirt whenever I get around to making another.

I also printed up 100 high quality postcards to hand out at comic stores and pin up on bulletin boards. I’m putting a few in each gorilla pack too. The cards are getting here on Wednesday so it looks like the Gorilla Packs will be sent a few days later then I thought. Sorry about that. Here’s what they look like.

Only a few more shirts are in stock which are:

Small – Sold Out

Medium – 6

Large – 5

[EDIT] My paypal button isn’t working again so instead just use the donation box to the left. Make sure to make it for $19 (this includes shipping) and include your address and shirt size. If you want a shirt sent outside of the US then add whatever amount you think will cover the extra shipping costs. ONLY MEDIUM AND LARGE SHIRTS LEFT.

I’m going to be selling some of these to friends at work so grab them while you can. I’m not sure when I’m going to print more but I guarantee I will make some XL and XXL next time. Thanks for all your support in buying the Gorilla Pack pre-orders and being willing to hang up fliers and cards for reMIND in your little hubs.