Spread 19 here. More text below.

This spread gave me more trouble then all my other spreads combined! I redrew it three times from start to finish and still scrapped 80% of it. The last two panels were thrown in last minute and seem to work better than anything else I tried. As you can see on the left side, I ended up focusing mainly on narration leaving most of the page black. I guess I was trying to show and explain to much back story in the pictures and it really didn't need to be there. I guess some of the killed art can still be put into the art-of book.

This week I finished putting together the Xeric submission and I will say that it looks AMAZING! Seeing reMIND printed nicely on paper is very exciting and it gave me an idea of how big this book might be. I dropped it off at FedEx this morning. Now I just need to wait for 3 months to hear if I get their stamp of approval.

On another note, I finally got a response from ComicSpace (a year after I started emailing them) and they finally gave me access to my account which I immediately deleted and cancelled. FINALLY! I was sick of knowing people could do a search for my name and come across a ComicSpace page that says, "reMIND – coming in 2008!". Back then it was black and white. My plans changed as you can see. If you are confused about my ComicSpace rant then here's the article where I explain myself.

Now back to positive news. reMIND got accepted into Kickstarter.com last week. Apparently Kickstarter is still in beta so you have to get approval before you can post your project there. I've been slowly working on the page trying to figure out what might be good incentives for specific pledges. Wait till you see what my $1000 pledge will get you. Hopefully Bill Gates reads reMINDblog. Thank you to everyone who suggested KickStarter. You guys are great!

Jason's FINALLY list:

  • I finally got some links up on my links page. Feel free to use any of 'em to paste all over the internet.
  • I finally put up a Twitter link so you can see what I ate for breakfast. (I rarely use it really) 
  • I finally got a mailing list. A real one.
  • I finally started a monthly newsletter for reMIND.

Last Monday, in the comments section, Nathan Wrann suggested I go to comic conventions NOW and start handing out fliers to everyone as well as possibly getting a booth to sell prints even though I don't have my books finished. That seems to be a great piece of advice so I think I'm going to print up postcards and some prints for the Ape Con this year and try to hand them out. I'd like to say I'll be at the Wonder Con too but…I wont. But with all this new thought about spamming innocent convention crowds with my reMIND imagery, one question comes to mind. Does anyone want to rent me some space at the Ape Con this year? I can pay you a few bucks and I promise I wont spill my Soy Vanilla Caffé Mocha Frappuccino on your freshly printed stash. 

Oh yeah. One more thing. I decided to start a lottery every month for everyone on my mailing list. Each month I'll have my beautiful wife pick a random number which would correlate with my subscriber count. That lucky person will get some free reMIND junk. (If they want it anyway) I'm kinda broke right now so I might be doing some original art sketches for the first few months. Eventually I'll start printing some T-shirts and stuff so you never know what it might be. I'll announce the first winner at the beginning of each month starting in May so sign up for my mailing list to get in on the action!

I also wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post about 1000 true fans. That is a high calling and I expect to see all of you at every convention buying 3 copies of everything I sell. Joking. But seriously, I thank you for publicly stating that you enjoy my work. It's very encouraging whether you plan on buying anything from me in the future or not!

This weeks voting incentive is a panel from this spread that got the axe. Maybe now you will believe me when I say it wasn't working. Vote Here!