One Thousand True Fans.
The other week an amazing artist who I’m proud to say is also a friend of mine, Jon Klassen, told me about this article he came across about having 1000 true fans.  The article is written by Kevin Kelly and is super interesting. It made me think quite a bit about what it might take to be able to publish graphic novels and make a living at it.

The idea is, if you can somehow accumulate 1000 true fans who bought everything you made then you could potentially make enough money to have your hobby be your source of income.  If every true fan bought the two books(imaginary at this point) I released every year and the books were $25 then that would get me a whopping $50,000 a year.  But that doesn’t count the people who are just fans who might buy a book randomly or the books I sell at conventions. We are just talking about TRUE FANS who follow everything I do and buy everything I sell.