Here is spread 16 of reMIND. Click to enlarge.

There's nothing quite like publishing a graphic novel online. In the three plus years I've been working on my GN its been extremely hard to keep motivated. There would be months where I wouldn't even touch it and months where I was just too busy with freelance work. I'd try deadlines to spur myself towards a short term goal but that never lasts long.

I've never really understood what made me inspired but whenever I found that moment of inspiration I'd jump on it. Now I wonder if the inspiration came directly from someone's encouragement. This would answer why I was so rarely inspired to keep working on reMIND in the past while never showing anyone, keeping it top secret.

The reason I say all this is because these last few months have been an overflow of encouragement from so many people that it's making me big headed a bit. At the same time I'm finding myself in a constant state of inspiration. I'm not sure if it's true inspiration or just a fear of letting someone down if I don't update my blog or comic in time. Whatever it is, it's working and I'm grateful to you all.

A few things of note this week:

  • Robert Howard wrote an incredible review of reMIND on his website Here's the article: reMIND review. Thanks Robert for the kind words!
  • DeviantArt featured a page of reMIND on Saturday. Man, that was a rush. Thousands of people came to my pages and I had over 100 comments. How very grateful I was for that! My wife wasn't, however, because it took me hours to reply to all the comments. We made up and everyones happy now. Thank you DeviantArt friends and fans!
  • And last but not least, Victuals and the rat are friends. I hope I didn't just loose my whole audience.