Here is spread 15. Click to enlarge.

I have been sick this week and took 3 days off work. Because so, I was able to do a bit more work on reMIND then normal.  One of my missions was to go over all the pages and update the word balloon shapes and colors and fix up the sound effects. I learned some new tricks that I'm excited to share in the coming weeks. I was also able to color a few more spreads. Another slight difference you might have noticed is the rectangular narration boxes being hand drawn looking. Jim Campbell gave me this idea when he did some sample lettering for my pages. 

This spread is a turning point for Sonja and another motivational kick into the next gear as far as the story goes. I hope your not to comfortable because it's really gonna change soon. If you come back in a month, you'll think your reading the wrong comic.

Speaking of switching gears, since we have been on the subject of advertising the last few posts I wanted to share another site that's been fairly rewarding.

This is a "top list site", they call it, where thousands of webcomic creators come to list their online comics in hopes they can get votes and in turn followers. I joined a bunch of these when I first started but most of the top-list-sites seem to be so crusty and old that it makes me question if it's worth it.  

Top Web Comics, however seems to generate some good traffic and seems pretty relevant to todays online communities. You can buy ads there for fairly cheap and they bring really good traffic. Here's the page where you can buy prime ad space for as little a $10.

Also, on the right of my site, I just placed some new VOTE buttons pointing to TopWebComics. If you have been enjoying anything about reMIND then please click on one of the vote buttons to help me out. You can vote every day so please do every time to stop by reMIND. You don't need to sign in at TopWebComics either so it only takes a second. Please, I'm sick. If I could find a rejected looking picture of myself I'd put it here.

Okay, enough self pity. I've been working on a good post for Thursday so come back then and check it out. Thanks for reading!