Which Forum is right for me?

When I first heard about artist forums and online communities I was totally lost. I had no idea where to look and how to find them. When I did a google search, I typed in "Illustration Forums" and the only one I found that seemed legit was IllustrationMundo.com. I didn't realize the forum was a separate part of the site and I never got anywhere because they didn't want to include me in their artist portfolio database. I assumed they were all a bunch of snobby artists who thought they were God's gift to mankind so I marked them off my list.

Months later I was talking to a another good friend, Jason Scheier, who suggested I try out CGsociety and ConceptArt. I immediately signed up and finally saw what a forum was all about. I was still very lost and didn't really know where to begin. They seemed so big and complex and I wasn't sure if my art would fit in so I put 'em on the back burner as well.

Months later another friend told me about the Flight Forum. I signed up with Flight, which seemed more my speed and subject, and posted some old pages of Phobos to test the waters. The next morning I had a few comments from other members. Suddenly my eyes were opened. I began posting comments on other threads that I found interesting. I started getting friends and began following other comic stories.

Later I learned about PencilJack and signed up there too. This forum is mostly comic artists both pro and amature.

Each forum is tailored specifically to something. I've been learning that it's good to find one with your same taste or niche. Here are a few things I've learned about specific forums and I suggest getting involved if you haven't already. But no need to join all of them as I have. Just find the few that specialize in what you want to do.

Art, Illustration and Comic Forums:


  • ConceptArt.org – Over 180,000 Members.  This is my favorite at the moment, especially the SKETCHBOOK threads.  I can spend hours digging through the sketchbook threads.  I started one here where I post panels every now and then and the response has been overwhelmingly good.  The rest of the forum is not really my taste because it's more about paintings for games and stuff. But this one will keep you busy once you start. Every second someone is posting something new. It's crazy.
  • PencilJack.com – Over 16,500 Members. This is a great place for posting comic art.  Both professional and amateur artists post here so it's great for everyone.  I've gotten really good critiques and comments on how to improve some of my panels and it's really solid advice too.  There may not be as many users on this forum but the participants here really love comic art. If that's your niche then jump on the wagon.
  • GutterZombie.com – Over 3600 Members. This is a very professional forum specifically for comic artists and even more specifically for comic colorists even though anyone can join and post work.  Some of the art here is amazing and the feedback is very extensive and helpful. I've gotten some great advice here about lettering as well as finding a flatter. If you want to color comics then drop everything and goto Gutterzombie!
  • FlightForums – Over 2500 Members. This is a very niche forum for small press comic artists.  It's a good one to start with because it's slow paced and very friendly. If you're making an indie comic or want to show off 8 pager then start here.
  • CGsociety.org – Over 407,500 Members. This forum is more for 3D art and paintings but there are some interesting areas.  I haven't posted anything here yet mainly because I'm not sure where to start and I don't really think it's right for my style.  But you have to admit, this one's a monster! Almost half a million members? Dang!
  • IllustrationMundo.com – Over 2,100 MembersFor serious illustrators.  I started a thread (finally) in this forum and waited a few days.  When I finally got some comments, they were good and helpful but very catered to the tastes of designers. This forum isn't for me but if you want to specialize in illustration then go for it.
  • DigitalWebbing.comOver 34,000 members. I just found this one and I really like what I see here. There are specific talent showcase sections for Creators, Artists, Sequential Art, Inkers, Colorists, Letterers, Writers and more. If anything, it's a ton of specific information for comic artists as well as a bunch of niche threads you can post in. Remember, find your niche and post there.
  • TheWebComicList.com – Over 74,000 members. I haven't tried this one yet but I plan on it in the near future.  It looks like a good niche forum for webcomics.
  • ComicBookResources.com – Over 54,000 members. This one was introduced to me by Drezz from iDrawDigital. It's a pretty big community that I've only started posting in.  Another great one for getting to know others who work in comics. Professional and amateur.
  • WhiteChapel – I don't know much about this one but I have heard that many people like it. [edit] WhiteChapel is a forum associated with comic book writer Warren Ellis' blog. It's a bit different then other forums out there in it's thread structure.

Does anyone know of other great forums helpful to graphic novel artists?  I'm sure there are plenty more I haven't found. Hope this list helps.