Here is spread 11 of reMIND. Click to enlarge.

This spread was a fun test. A test to see if I could push your eyes back and forth between the same frames. Feel free to throw out any ideas to make this work better if you think it’s broken. There are just so many rules that people create when trying to explain how to do something. Comics and graphic novels have a handful when trying to lead the eye around the page. I think I understand the rules. The fact is, as long as the average person can read the story without getting pulled out of the scene because they are confused then I feel like I’ve had success. And if the average person can think, “Hmmm, that was different but I liked it for some reason.” then I’m a superstar in my own mind.

Speaking of superstars. I need to hand out a bunch of “Thank you’s” in this post so hold on to your seats.

Last week was a roller coaster for me.  Every night after work I was up till the wee hours of the morning testing my new WordPress blog, transferring over old posts, downloading plug-ins, deleting plug-ins, testing layouts, wondering what I’m doing, reading help forums, testing links, fixing links and emailing my friend for help while crying.  I got in seriously over my head and I promised I’d deliver two posts a week to my 11 Google followers. What was I thinking? By Wednesday night everything was up and running like planned thanks to my longtime friend and shorttime IT guru, Rand Fugate, who wrote all the CSS madness in the background to make my sweet menu bar look totally rad!

Just in time too because literally 2 hours later, Jerry from CartoonBrew, wrote an amazing article about reMIND releasing the floodgates of traffic to scour and pour over every crevice of my newborn blog to it’s embarrassingly short end.  Thursday I got the same amount of hits every 15 minutes as I’d normally get in a day.  That was a rush.  That day at work, people were giving me high-fives down the hallway and beautiful women were winking. Okay, so maybe not, but I still felt pretty cool about myself.

Later on, BlackStar9000, put a link to reMIND on  I’ve never heard of Reddit before but, WOW, that place really generates traffic too. Thanks Blackstar9000, whoever you are!  You alone sent over 1000 unique viewers to my time-suck and are on my list of new heroes. So if anyone is reading this, can you do me a huge favor and go to Reddit to vote up reMIND or down if you really must.  I still need all the help I can get!

Then Saturday rolls around and Nate Simpson links to reMIND from ProjectWaldo! Thanks Nate!!! ProjectWaldo has greatly inspired me in so many ways and Nate’s blog is the best thing on the internet in my opinion. So go there right now if you’ve never heard of it. Click on his pages and see the magic.

So thanks for all your comments last week and several emails. I really enjoyed responding to everyone. It was a real shot in the arm. In fact, now I REALLY need to step up my game and get more pages finished.

Some of the emails I received brought up the following points that I promise to address in the near future.

  • I need more in depth coloring tutorials and my process of creating tones.
  • What do you do with flats? Why make them?
  • Explain how I use paint textures in my pages.
  • My writing sucks and seems cliche. Why don’t I hire a professional to help me?
  • How would someone approach coloring a comic with different mediums like colored pencils or watercolors.

To add to bullet point number 4. If anyone sees any grammar or spelling errors then feel free to let me know. You are my temporary editors until Jeremy Barlow rocks it!  Spelling and grammar are my mortal enemies.