Here is spread 9 of reMIND. 

I read someplace that you should make rules for yourself when working on your own project like a graphic novel. One of my rules is to have a maximum of 4 panels per page unless it's the same camera angle repeated over and over. This repeated frame technique is pretty much inspired completely from working in the world of animation and storyboards for the last decade. Sometimes it's fun to explore a locked down sequence of frames to show the movements and visually explain how things happen over a period of time.

I guess my decisions here are mainly to show Victuals struggle to leave the comfort of the lighthouse to get back to the water. I'm hoping that my audience will wonder why he left the lighthouse as well as notice the first words coming from his mouth. Cat's talk?

Oh yeah, and I'm not using Comic Sans anymore.

Another thing I have been toying with is the idea of switching from Google's blogging service to  A few things have come up swaying me to go this route.

Here is a list of my reasons, so far, for switching from Blogger to WordPress.

  • WordPress looks much more professional.
  • Since it's open-source it has more options for how to set it up. 
  • Once it's set up right, it's amazing what you can do with it and it's easy.
  • will be an actual domain instead of a forwarded domain name.
  • All the content will be on my server and controlled by me.
  • I can use ComicPress to easily display my pages in an orderly fashion.
  • I can have a menu at the top with About, Contact, Links, Tutorials, Etc.
Cons about switching to WordPress from Google's Blogger.
  • Blogger is just SOOOOOO easy to setup, I will miss that.
  • Now I need to pay for a server.
  • Lots of my artist friends are on Blogger so I don't want to be an outcast. (don't laugh at me)
  • I might have to start over trying to get traffic if I switch over.
I'm sure there is more that I can add to these list's but for now this is all I can think of.
Anyone want to chime in on this?
Also, I wanted to thank Drezz at iDrawDigital for writing an article about reMIND!  Go and check out his blog all about comics if you have a minute.