Here is spread 8 of reMIND.
Happy New Year!  My sincere apologies for posting nothing last week.  I was spending Christmas and New Years with my family and enjoying every minute of it.  Speaking of New Years, I've come up with a New Years resolution.  I am going to post twice a week in 2010.

On Mondays I will post my pages from reMIND and on Thursdays I will post information about making graphic novels. 

This way when I have another interview with a graphic novel artist it won't interfere with posting my progress on Mondays.

With all that said, here is spread 8.  Another slow paced establishing shot before things get out of control. I'm not sure if I should have the time narration box or not.  I just want to make sure that everyone understands that it's in the middle of the night but I assume this is obvious because the picture in the dark.  Hmm. I'll let my writer buddy figure this one out.  Who knows.  Maybe there will be narration box in every frame like Watchmen.  I hope not. Otherwise I'd never finish reading my own book.